1. Love to Love

From the recording Love to Love


Streetwise tough guys think they know it all
A change ain't going to do no one no good
Let's get on back to square number one
Treat each other like we should
Sweetheart, we start fighting when we hurt
And walking on a wound don't make it heal
We've got a lack of simple understanding
I'll tell you just how I feel
I want to talk
Heart to heart
And tell the truth
Don't act smart
I want to walk hand in hand
By your side and be your man
Want to see eye to eye
Straight ahead
Come on give it a try
Baby, what I'm thinking of
We can get love to love, love to love
Baby, what I'm thinking of
We can get love to love
Well I've heard it said time and time again
You can't go on living a lie
But secret disguises turn to sweet surprises
Reach out, touch this guy
Heat wave we save every bit of rain
Living like we do in thunderclouds
Why don't we just walk into the sunshine
I'll sing it to you right out loud