Kent Rose: Chicago country music royalty ”

Jon Langford of Waco Brothers and Mekons bands

What they say about Kent and his music


"Although you are roots - based you really don't sound like anyone else. It all sounds so original."          Jason Ringenberg of Jason and the Scorchers and Farmer Jason Show

"So just plain right … tradition-founded rocking cast as a burstingly animated, vividly contemporary declaration."           D. C. Larsen reviewing All That American Night  for No Depression

"You have an amazing voice - supremely talented."                           J. Todd Scott, author Big Bend Trilogy, consultant / screenwriter "Lawmen - Bass Reeves" 




"This came up on the iPod shuffle this week. I thought it was something from a Norton Records R&B compilation or something. Tell Kent Rose he's got a hit on his hands."           James Porter, DJ Hoodoo Party  WLUW 88.7, said of "Jungle Jaguar Pants"

"He’s a throwback to the guitar-toting country troubadours of yesteryear and at the same time a product of the rock and roll era, certainly the only performer of his kind in the greater Chicagoland area."           Bill Dahl, music historian and journalist 

"It will appeal especially to people looking for good music - away from Nashville glamour and beyond the standards of top forty lists. It is more than worth hearing."          Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox  Munich, Germany said of album All That American Night