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"I enjoy Kent's music. Think Ian Tyson meets Tom Russell with lovely lyrics."  - James Moore, author and journalist focused on Texas

"if you haven't caught Kent's If You Know Love album on Bandcamp, do yourself a favor and grab it!" - J. Todd Scott, author of The Big Bend Trilogy plus screenwriter and consultant for "Lawmen - Bass Reeves"

Said of If You Know Love, “YOUR new album is a … wow.  For those who don’t know Kent and REAL country music (ok I’m a country music snob) check out this beauty” - Jon Norton, Program Director WGLT 89.1 FM in Normal, Illinois

When you first hear Kent Rose’s delightful and distinctive voice singing his timeless Country songs you’d never guess that he comes from Illinois and has lived in Chicago most of his adult life as he sounds like he born and raised in Texas or Tennessee or somewhere that the cowboys roam the prairies … In a world that is falling apart around us, this album has been a huge surprise and has made my life a little bit better than expected and it will yours too.”  - The Rocking Magpie in his review of album  If You Know Love.

“Kent Rose: Chicago country music royalty.”  - Jon Langford of bands Waco Brothers and the Mekons

DJ Tom Jackson of WLUW 88.7 FM says of Kent, "a comfortable classic country voice".

"Wow I really love All That American Night! I am totally impressed top to bottom - excellent songs, vibe, performances, and production. Although you are roots based, you really don't sound like anyone else. It all sounds so original."  -Jason Ringenberg of Jason and The Scorchers and Farmer Jason Show

"So just plain right … tradition-founded rocking cast as a burstingly animated, vividly contemporary declaration, reminds much of the old / new synthesis so cleverly realized on Robert Gordon"s 1981 Are You Gonna Be the One? L.P. And, "Pretty World of Make-Believe" honors old-ways honky tonk; Chris's serpentine bass-string guitar line, and Kent's easy, knowing voice, guide toward a luxuriant, natural essence.” - D. C. Larsen reviewing All That American Night for No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music.

"Rose's latest disc, All That American Night, is powerful and just plain terrific.”  - David Royko,  freelance music writer

Chris Casello says of recording All That American Night album with Kent, "a great voice and outstanding material".

"His heroes are the cowboy troubadours who headed into the sunset after their 1950/1960 heydays, with those influences giving the songs of Kent Rose on All That American Night a vintage sound. Kent calls himself The Voice That Remembers as he makes his way through the Country Rock’n’Roll of the Rock era. Artists like Buddy Holly (“If You Dig It”), Roy Orbison (“Pretty World of Make Believe”), Marty Robbins (“Workingman’s Hands”), Ricky Nelson (“When the Sadness”), and Hank Williams (“Tonight That Lover Ain’t Me”) can be heard on the tracks of All That American Night- Danny McClosky,

View a video of “Workingman's Hands”  created by a talented team of students at the former Chicago media school Tribeca Flashpoint Academy at the link below.. 

"This came up on the iPod shuffle this week. I thought it was something from a Norton Records R&B compilation or something. Tell Kent Rose he's got a hit on his hands."    - James Porter, DJ Hoodoo Party WLUW 88.7, said of "Jungle Jaguar Pants".

“If you’re in that neck of the woods and have a hankering for some wistful country tunes, check out my man Kent.” - S.A. Cosby, national bestselling award-willing fiction author including All the Sinners Bleed and Razorblade Tears.

 “Chicago honky tonker Kent Rose has teamed up with the rockabilly legend Chris Casello for his … release All That American Night. … Anything but boring is perhaps the best description of this … mix of honky tonk, traditional country, rockabilly, folk, and Americana, influenced by such greats as Hank Williams (Senior), Buddy Holly, Ernest Tubb, Roy Orbison, and Roger Miller. It will appeal especially to people looking for good music - away from Nashville glamour and beyond the standards of top forty lists. It is more than worth hearing."     - Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox  Munich, Germany

 “People always ask me who does the theme for my radio show. It's the wonderful Kent Rose. He always holds a special place in my heart, not because of the song...but many years before that. Back in 2009 I started my own rockabilly station on Live365. One week after it started I got a nice email from Kent asking to send his music to my station. He was the first person to reach out to me and his support has been important to me since. He's one of the most talented singers out there and I'm proud to call him a friend!"  - Celia Villagran, Texas Hellkitten DJ formerly on Rockin 247 Radio now co-hosting Ameripolitan Showcase on TruBlues 97.5 FM.