"Wow I really love All That American Night! I am totally impressed top to bottom - excellent songs, vibe, performances, and production. Although you are roots based, you really don't sound like anyone else. It all sounds so original."  -Jason RingenbergReviews

"So just plain right. Various of these sparkling odes are arrayed to distinction, and stake dissimilar territories. But all bloom from proletarian clay... Two tracks merit special note: "If you Dig It", its tradition-founded rocking cast as a burstingly animated, vividly contemporary declaration, reminds much of the old / new synthesis so cleverly realized on Robert Gordon"s 1981 Are You Gonna Be the One? L.P. And, "Pretty World of Make-Believe" honors old-ways honky tonk; Chris's serpentine bass-string guitar line, and Kent's easy, knowing voice, guide toward a luxuriant, natural essence to whose decided tempo one must simply bop." - DC Larsen reviewing All That American Night for No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music.

Calling himself "The Voice that Remembers", Chicago honky tonker Kent Rose has teamed up with the rockabilly legend Chris Casello for his current CD release All That American NightWith the help of the singer, musician and producer, an album was created whose beauty is revealed only after repeated listening - so complex is it. Anything but boring is perhaps the best description of this absolutely unsquare mix of honky tonk, traditional country, rockabilly, folk, and Americana, influenced by such greats as Hank Williams (Senior), Buddy Holly, Ernest Tubb, Roy Orbison, and Roger Miller. It will appeal especially to people looking for good music - away from Nashville glamour and beyond the standards of top forty lists. It is more than worth hearing."     - Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox  Munich, Germany  countryjukebox.de

"His heroes are the cowboy troubadours who headed into the sunset after their 1950/1960 heydays, with those influences giving the songs of Kent Rose on All That American Night a vintage sound. Kent calls himself The Voice That Remembers as he makes his way through the Country Rock’n’Roll of the Rock era. Artists like Buddy Holly (“If You Dig It”), Roy Orbison (“Pretty World of Make Believe”), Marty Robbins (“Workingman’s Hands”), Ricky Nelson (“When the Sadness”, and Hank Williams (“Tonight That Lover Ain’t Me”) can be heard on the tracks of All That American Night. Looking closely at the US Cellular TV ad a few years ago would have given you a glimpse of Kent Rose as the snappily dressed cowboy shilling for the phone company. If you missed the image, you can hear Kent as the guitar-toting crooner as he heads into ‘another honky tonk in another lonesome town” on the title track. Kent Rose shuffles in on a percussive rattle asking “Why You Wanna” and watches the wiggle of a pair of “Jungle Jaguar Pants” on a cha-cha beat as All That American Night scares away the ghosts with persistent guitar strums on “This House Gets Lonesome”." - Danny McClosky, thealternateroot.com

Rose's latest disc, All That American Night, is powerful and just plain terrific.”    - David Royko, Freelance Music Writer

“I get a lot of cds! But I will say... I only play stuff I like. And I LOVE your album!.”    T-Bone Mathley, T-Bone's Prime Cuts/WICR-FM Indianapolis

“One of my top picks for the Americana chart! I guarantee it!” DJ Del Villarreal on “Go Kat, GO!" WCBN-FM Ann Arbor

"Dressing like Buck Owens, singing like Dwight Yoakam,  and writing songs like Buddy Holly."  -T.J. Simon, Music Box Online

"This came up on the iPod shuffle this week. I thought it was something from a Norton Records R&B compilation or something. Tell Kent Rose he's got a hit on his hands."    - James Porter, DJ Hoodoo Party WLUW 88.7, said of "Jungle Jaguar Pants".

 “Originals including "Restless Cat",  "Hammered and Nailed",  and  "Trouble Ain’t No Trouble At All" confirmed that Kent’s songwriting skill was the impressive equal of his performing chops."  - Bill Dahl, Music Historian & Journalist 

"Thanks go to you and Rick (Veras) - you guys were awesome everyone loved the performance - you were both so respectful to the audience - I am glad that I met you at the farmer's market - it was meant to be!"  - Patrick Gleason, Chief of Voluntary Service, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Chicago

 “People always ask me who does the theme for my radio show. It's the wonderful Kent Rose. He always holds a special place in my heart, not because of the song...but many years before that. Back in 2009 I started my own rockabilly station on Live365. One week after it started I got a nice email from Kent asking to send his music to my station. He was the first person to reach out to me and his support has been important to me since. He's one of the most talented singers out there and I'm proud to call him a friend!"  - Celia Villagran, Texas Hellkitten