From the recording Bless Her Heart


Well I went to the doctor he shook his head
Maybe you shoulda stayed in bed
I got news but it sure ain’t good
You got more things wrong than any man should
High blood pressure to the moon
You’ll explode too soon
A heart attack wearin’ your name
With an invitation to a dangerous game
Yeah you know my baby really loves me
That’s a pretty good start,
Bless her heart I’m fallin’ apart
Yeah you know baby thinkin’ of me
At the top of her chart
Bless her heart I’m fallin’ apart
I got the arth-a- ritis and the Asiatic flu
I slipped my disc tryin’ to do the boogaloo
While walkin’ the dog I got bit
I ran across the street I got hit
The car didn’t stop tires didn’t squeal
He was in a hurry and I’m no big deal
He got a date with Sally Mae
Well I wouldn’t want to be the one to stand in his way