Do not miss the 2014 music video written around my tune, "Working Man's Hands", produced by  Carl Mohr,  directed by John Avina and edited by Brian Lefevre.  They were Tribeca Flashpoint Academy students, youngsters, but collectively able to interpret one of my heavier ballads.  I think it is awesome - Chicago style.  The song is available for download at

Working Man's Hands video

Ah, the serendipitous nature of YouTube.  I stumbled upon this recording of "Texas Hellkitten" in performance at Reggie's Rock Club, 2105 South State Street, Chicago, posted by Rob Kurylowicz.  Colonel Buster is on lead guitar.  A version of this song is available from the Kent Rose Live at Reggie's album. ”

Texas Hellkitten Video

Wango Jack fired up an iPhone to capture Kent Rose and Wango City Trio at the Big C Jamboree at Martyrs' in Chicago.  The Wango City Trio consists of Brian Grady on drums, Dave Stepanich lead guitar, and Norm Hogeveen bass guitar. A version of "Bless Her Heart" is available on CDBaby:

Bless Her Heart Video

I carried mail for 26 years.  Here is my opinion.” - edited by Steve Hutkins, literature professor at the Gallatin School of New York University. VIDEO