Tonight That Lover Ain't Me

Kent Rose
┬ęKent Rose Memory Train Publishing/BMI


Heaven knows you’re a beautiful woman

Any fool in this town can see that

I’ve got my own sense of direction

I don’t need a compass or map


Remember that sweet desperation

That drove me out of her mind

It’s always a sad situation

When you stand on both sides of the line


I’ve seen the bright lights

Most of the night lights

Swept out with the neon debris

Somewhere in this room there’s a lover for you

But tonight that lover ain’t me


Now I’ve been two-timed and down-hearted

I miss it every now and again

No use going back where I started

And abandon my one true friend


I’ve seen the hot lights

Stood in the spotlights

That’s where I earned my degree

Somewhere in this room

In the smoke and perfume

There’s a lover but it won’t be me

Somewhere in this room

There’s a lover for you

But tonight that lover ain’t meee