Pals of Mine

Kent Rose
┬ęKent Rose Memory Train Publishing/BMI


Jay Whitehouse lead guitar, John Abbey bass


I hear the rain

It’s coming down

I’ll bet it rains on the other side of town

And over there across the line

I won’t forget these pals of mine


The night gets cold

Might freeze again

Ain’t been this way since I can’t remember when

A lonesome moon with stars that shine

To light the road for

These pals of mine



These pals of mine

They get the news

Don’t live on reruns or regrets

Someone else’s blues

And so they dance with arms entwined

Out on the floor

These pals of mine


Sometimes I cry

Something like pain

I take a ride on that old memory train

And see us all now left behind

To carry on

These pals of mine


chorus repeats


And they’ll always be

Each Valentine

To carry on

These pals of mine