Break Up Somebody's Home

Kent Rose
┬ęKent Rose Memory Train Publishing/BMI


Hey little girl what you wanna do

Old man’s at home how about you

Sittin’ there drinkin’ thinkin’ nobody cares

Don’t need a ticket for a ride upstairs


I wanna break up somebody’s home

Try to make up for breaking up my own

Wanna break up somebody’s home

‘Cuz I don’t believe in leaving well enough alone


Hey little girl can I walk you home

I don’t want you out on the streets alone

City’s just a jungle full of mumbo and jive

You know my protection helps you stay alive


Come on, let’s go, there’s a crazy little after hours joint I know

It’s late, come on, they’ll be shakin’ down the action ‘till way past dawn

True love, green eyes, oowee baby got me hypnotized

True love, blue lights, we can slip away into the soul of the night


Hey little girl you lookin’ too good

I appreciate you the way that he should

He don’t pay attention when you try so hard

Baby come on over play in my yard


Hey little girl you get my love for free

No there ain’t no strings that’s attached to me

Don’t be so suspicious it ain’t no crime

All that you been missin’

Is what you’re gonna find